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FFA Official Dress

Official FFA Jacket
As FFA members, we have the opportunity to impact many people who may or may not be familiar with the organization: Community members, residents, businessmen and women, FFA sponsors, parents, etc. Therefore, first impressions are crucial, and that involves the way we dress. All FFA members are required to wear official dress while participating in official activities unless instructed otherwise.

Female Official Dress

    • Black skirt. 
      Skirt is to be at least knee length, hemmed evenly across the bottom, with a slit no longer than 2 inches above the knee, excluding the kick pleat. Black slacks may be appropriate for traveling and outdoor activities.
    • White collared blouse and official FFA blue scarf.
    • Black dress shoes with a closed heel and toe (No boots, sandals, open-toed shoes, or tennis shoes.)
    • Black nylon hosiery.
    • Official FFA jacket zipped to the top.

Male Official Dress

    • Black dress pants. (No jeans - blue or black, leather, pleather, etc.)
    • White dress shirt and official FFA tie
    • Black dress shoes with a closed heel and toe. (No boots, sandals, open-toed shoes, tennis shoes. )
    • Black socks.
    • Official FFA jacket zipped to the top.

How to Wear Awards

    • Chapter degree, officer and award medals should be worn beneath the name on the right side of the jacket.
    • State FFA Degree or American Degree keys should be worn above the name on the right side of the jacket or attached to a standard key chain.
    • No more than three medals should be worn on the jacket. These should represent highest degree earned, highest office held and the highest award earned.

    How to Order Your FFA Jacket: 

    • Students Must Earn Greenhand Degree First
    • Please visit
    • Click on Official Dress on left hand side of the menu
    • Click on Jackets-It gives you the option for a generic size or a tailored size
    • In type box enter in either standard jacket and # or Tailored Jacket and follow along.
    • Chapter # TX0012
    • Advisor Name - Sager
    • Front Line-Students Name
    • Line 2-Office if they hold one or left blank
    • Line 3-Year of graduation
    • Line 4-Blank
    • Line 1 Back-Texas
    • Line 2 Back-Aledo
    • Line 3-Aledo

     You can continue shopping or proceed to checkout and pay. FFA ties, scarves and other official dress items can be purchased through shop FFA. 



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