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Ordering FFA Letterman Jackets

In order to order your FFA letter jacket, please follow the steps below and complete the FFA Letter Jacket Form (below). 

  1. Students must fill out and add up their points on the FFA Letter Jackets Form
  2. Students must write down each event and their point values they have attended
  3. Students are to turn form in to Mrs. Kelley, Mrs. Holland, Mr. Knight, or Mr. Sager
  4. Mr. Marcath will let them know if there is a measuring held in or near Aledo ISD
  5. Students may be directed to Chantel Mendoza at Balfour if no fittings are being done in the nearby area and students and parents can drive there to help the process.
  6. Jackets will be shipped to Aledo ISD unless specified when you order
  7. Aledo ISD will pay $70 toward the jacket.  Any other customizations or upgrades will be the parent/students expense.

Chantel Mendoza

Balfour Fort Worth

1709 Forest Ridge

Bedford, Texas 76022



FFA Letter Jacket Form Krysti Kelley 8/1/2017 14 KB



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